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Warrior Marble Relay

2013 Warrior Marble Relay
Saturday, March 16 from 9am to 9pm
Warrior Stadium, Centaurus High School

Our 2013 event will be an all-school, all-community event to benefit 
the Cross Country and Track & Field Programs
the Warrior Stadium Improvement Project.

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Ways to Participate
  • Run, walk, dance, skip, volley, dribble, or jump around the track! Invite friends and family to join you at Warrior Stadium! Obtain pledges or donations for your participation and help us raise money! (See below for how to sign up!)
  • Volunteer at the relay or donate items to the concession stand - Here's a sign up sheet.
  • Support the event financially by becoming a community partner for the event. Follow our link to more information about Community Partnership opportunities.
  • Cheer on the participants on event day!

How to Sign up
  • Participants should go to and click "FUNDRAISE"
    • New users will create an account
    • CharityBets members (fundraised in 2012) will click "LOGIN" 
      • Login will be the email address they used last year and password
      • Forgotten passwords will be emailed to the account on file
    • Important – if existing users attempt to create a "new" account with the same email address that we have on file they will not be able to. They will be told to "login" with that email address
  • GOAL SETTING (After logging in or creating an account) 
    • How much do you want to fundraise?
    • How many miles do you want to walk or run? 
  • Upload Picture
  • Write a quote about why you're competing
  • FINALIZE your profile
  • Email your donors and provide a link to your fundraising | public profile. Ask them to place a "charitybet" on you, challenging you to how many miles you can walk or run. 
  • Users can "share" their profile using Goolge+, Facebook, Twitter, etc
How to Donate
  • There are two ways to get to the users profile page
    • Option 1 -- Click the box above and find the name of the participant you would like to pledge to, and you will be taken to their profile page.
    • Option 2 -- Click the link provided from the athlete via email and you will go straight to their page.
  • Once on the profile page, make a pledge that you will donate for EACH mile completed. 
    • A $10 pledge per mile will be a $100 donation if the athlete completes 10 miles.
Or, make a flat donation to the general fund by clicking below and selecting "Flat Donation"

About the Event
The Warrior Marble Relay is held in March in Warrior Stadium on the campus of Centaurus High School in Lafayette, Colorado.  Students, coaches, teachers, administrators, parents, siblings, and many community members enjoy participating in this 12 hour run/walk/jog relay odyssey.  

Proceeds from this fundraising event are split as follows:  
  • 50% to the Track and Field and Cross Country programs of Centaurus High School
  • 50% to a community beneficiary designated and approved by the board of directors of Centaurus Track & Cross Country.
Inspiration During the 2011 Cross Country season, students, parents, and coaches took on community service projects throughout the community to help support their valued projects. In so doing, we learned that in return for service, donations would be made to the team to support our valued projects.  

In late fall, one of our valued projects became the Warrior Marble Relay. A fellow student athlete, Bobby Marble, was stricken with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. The same group of students, parents, and coaches that had valued the community service of the fall season were moving into the Track & Field season and they determined that a larger fundraising effort was needed to support the Marble Family as well as the other needs of the Track & Field program.

On March 17, 2012 the inaugural Warrior Marble Relay was held. Hundreds of supporters ran or cheered on participants. More importantly, the relay raised nearly $18,000 which was split between the Marble Family and Centaurus' Track & Field program.  

The outpouring of support as well as the positive feedback from the community has led us to create this organization to continue supporting the needs of our students and our community.
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