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Email your questions to and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Can I ride my bike?
    Slacker!  No way!

What about my scooter?
    Seriously?  c'mon... can we have some real questions please?

Will there be day-of registration?
    You're welcome to join us, but we prefer you sign up beforehand so you have plenty of time to raise donations and help our cause!

How will laps be counted?
    For every mile (4 laps) you complete, you will receive a marble.  Total marbles = total miles!  You will be responsible for picking up a marble whenever you complete a mile.  We'll have clever ways to help you count.
    Team mileage is calculated by simply summing each team members' total individual miles. 

Can I leave after I achieve my goal?
    Sure, if you want to just run your goal...
    Regardless, please be present for the first and last hour of the relay (again, this is flexible, but it's fun to start and end with a big group!)

Do I have to be affiliated with Centaurus to participate?
    Nope!  The event is open to the public.  But please do follow the registration procedures on the main page.

Can our entire team run all at once, in one big group?
    Of course!  And you are encouraged to do so, to all work toward your individual mileage goals.  Just make sure your marble keeps moving the entire 12 hours!